December 12, 2019

Sleek wireless charger has your iPhone covered in 3 ways [Review]

Sleek wireless charger has your iPhone covered in 3 ways [Review] - RapidX


Review of RapidX MyPort wireless charger
It's a wireless charging stand as well as a stand-in for on-the-go charging.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

Many wireless chargers are designed to serve three mobile devices. The RapidX MyPort is made to selflessly serve one device in three different ways.

MyPort is first a smartphone stand to wirelessly charge your iPhone. But the vertical charging element has a restless side. It begs to be detached from the base to travel as a companion to your iPhone. It works as a portable wireless charger. And, with its two USB ports (one USB-A, one USB-C), it becomes a quick-charging wired power bank.

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RapidX MyPort review

With a boss, black finish, MyPort will appeal to a select sensibility — the user who relies on a smartphone more than any other device. It’s not a 3-in-1 charger; it’s more versatile.

It proves ideal for me. I don’t wear an Apple Watch. (Instead, I check the time on my iPhone.) I don’t have AirPods. (I live with music differently.) Even if I had those gadgets, I would gravitate toward the RapidX MyPort.

My iPhone is my GPS for when I am driving. It is the way I check three different email accounts when I’m in the field. And, as a photographer, it is a tool in heavy rotation. MyPort puts confidence in my pocket — confidence that I will have power for my iPhone on the longest of days.

A portable wireless charging mat

Detach the RapidX MyPort charging mat and take the power with you
Detach the charging mat and take the power with you.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

The RapidX MyPort’s battery capacity comes in at 10,000 mAh. When disconnected from the stand and used as a Qi-certified wireless charging mat, it can deliver two to three full charges (depending on your iPhone model).

As a fully charged power bank detached from the stand, MyPort provides enough juice for two full charges to an iPhone XS. After that, my iPhone hit 42% of a third charge before I had to place the charging mat back on the stand for charging.

An iPhone charging stand

Back in its stand, the RapidX MyPort power mat gets charged for your next outing
Back in its stand, the power mat charges automatically for your next outing.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

Charging this way (10 watts) seemed fast enough. However, since the USB ports both deliver 18 watts, plugging in gives a faster charge. And while I said upfront the MyPort is for smartphones, you could plug your iPad into the power mat for charging.

The one shortcoming is keeping the iPhone in touch with the charging coil inside the MyPort charging mat when both are in a bag. A tight pocket can possibly keep the two in contact wirelessly. A USB charging cord solves this problem.

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