May 06, 2022

The Best Travel Adapters by Wired

The Best Travel Adapters by Wired

When going abroad, the right plugs are essential to keeping your gadgets charged. These are our favorites.



For Wireless Charging

RapidX Modula 5 Modular Wireless Charging System

A few of the best wireless chargers can be good choices for travel. This modular system from RapidX is compact and capable of wirelessly charging two phones at up to 10 watts each, which makes it a good option for couples or families. The beauty is that you can add or remove pods, and a single charging cable can power up to five. They snap together magnetically and pull apart for easy packing. You can also get additional phone pods ($30), and there’s a version with a phone pod and an Apple Watch pod ($80).

You get a 30-watt US power adapter and a 5-foot USB-C cable in the box, so you will still want a travel adapter to pair with this system. If you plan to add pods, you will want a more powerful adapter. (RapidX recommends 65 watts or above for three or more devices.) 

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