March 12, 2020

Review: MyPort Charging Stand Doubles as a Portable Wireless Charger

Review: MyPort Charging Stand Doubles as a Portable Wireless Charger - RapidX

I like it when products do double or even triple duty. The less I have to clutter my desk or travel bag with, the better. The team at RapidX agrees and sent me their MyPort ($79.99) to try. It's a 10,000 mAh portable battery pack, which is enough to charge an iPhone several times, or you can charge a couple of items thanks to the USB-A and USB-C port and built-in Qi wireless charging pad.

It gets better. Back at home or work, the battery pack slips into the included USB-C powered dock and allows the MyPort to do double duty as a phone stand that wirelessly charges your phone. But the MyPort doesn't physically support the iPhone in the front, putting the phone at risk of slipping. I would have preferred some type of lip or guide to prevent that. As an alternative, you can place the MyPort flat on your desk and charge your iPhone wirelessly while the MyPort charges via USB-C, leaving the USB-A port to charge another device.




  • 10,000 mAh of power
  • Soft rubberized exterior
  • Battery pack docks to charge
  • Doubles as a phone stand
  • USB-A and USB-C ports for use on the go


  • No support in the front to keep the phone from slipping

Final Verdict

The MyPort from RapidX can function as your desktop phone stand and wireless charger, plus travel with you to charge two or three devices at once

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