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May 13, 2021

RapidX Wireless Charging System Is Ideal For Busy Households With Lots Of iPhones

RapidX Wireless Charging System Is Ideal For Busy Households With Lots Of iPhones

RapidX Wireless Charging System Is Ideal For Busy Households With Lots Of iPhones

Mark Sparrow

Charging phones and gadgets isn’t something we think about all that much. Your smartphone gets low on battery, you plug it in and that’s all there is to it. Well, maybe not. These days, more of us have devices that are compatible with wireless charging. If you haven’t tried wireless charging yet, I strongly urge you to give it a go. It will change your life.

I love wireless charging as my cat used to have a horrible habit of fiddling with the charging cable connected to my iPhone and would pull it off my desk to let me know that it was time for dinner. That’s why I switched to wireless charging the moment I got a phone that could be charged wirelessly.

Another reason for switching to wireless charging is the convenience it offers to larger households where there are lots of devices, such as earbuds, smartphones, headphones, smartwatches, plus anything else that can be charged using a QI-compatible wireless charger.

To help people with multiple devices to charge, RapidX has developed a device called the Modula5, a modular wireless charging system that can be expanded to suit an individual’s needs. You can start with a single Phone Pod charging mat and extend with more Pods, up to a maximum of five. The Pods clip together using magnets and the starter kit comes with two Phone Pods and a 30W charger that delivers enough juice to provide sufficient current to both Phone Pods in the kit as well as two Watch Pods. If you plan on using the maximum of five Phone Pods, RapidX sells a 65W charger that’s necessary to power all five charging matts.

The full RapidX Modula5 system is also a great idea for people who have children. Each child and adult’s phone can be placed on the charging mats as soon as they get home from school or work. The kids can then be sent off to get on with homework or their hobbies while the smartphones stay in the kitchen out of temptation’s way and under the watchful eye of mum or dad. This collective charging makes sure that everyone has their phone freshly charged for the next day and gives everyone a rest from too much screen time and a bit more family time.

The Modula5 Pods can also be used individually as each Pod also has a regular USB-C port and can be connected to any charger that uses a standard charging cable and can accepts charger with an output of 5V to 20V. It’s a nice little detail that makes the system even more flexible. 

The RapidX Modula5 charging system is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices and will charge smartphones including iPhone 8 and newer or Samsung S6 or newer. This makes the charging Pods perfect for earbuds that can be charged wirelessly. There are also Watch Pods that can be bought separately which snap onto Phone Pods. There are more Pods planned, including a MagSafe model. 

Pricing : 

  • Single Phone Pod: $29.99
  • Single Watch Pod: $59.99
  • Starter kit: 2 Phone Pods + 30W Power Adapter: $79.99


More info: 

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